The Future in Underground Mining Mobility

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series & Toyota Hilux are the most common used light vehicles in mining, worldwide.

The heavy duty frame and powertrain have proven to survive in these rough environments and the basic design makes the Land Cruiser & Hilux the ideal base for special built conversions needed for the different trades inside the mines.
However the standard Land Cruisers & Hilux with diesel engines cannot meet future emission standards.
Health, safety and clean air are a big part of the challenges faced in underground mining and for this it is obvious that the days are just about over for the diesel powered Land Cruiser & Hilux.

Converting the Land Cruiser & Hilux into battery powered 100% electric vehicles was a logical step to make.

We transform the Land Cruiser into the Tembo 4x4 e-LV Electric Cruiser & Hilux into the Tembo 4x4 e-LV Electric HLX.

The Tembo 4x4 e-LV's are available as complete vehicle only and are manufactured in The Netherlands and in the near future assembly will also be done by our partners in Norway, Canada & Australia.

The Tembo 4x4 e-LV's, electric light vehicles, are in operation in Sweden, Ireland, Canada, Australia & Germany.

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