Available Models
  The Tembo 4x4 e-LV is available in the following models:
     - e-LV76 5drs Station Wagon
     - e-LV78 3drs Hardtop
     - e-LV79 single & double cab
     - e-LV71 2drs short wheelbase
     - e-LV Hilux single, Xtra & double cab
     - LHD or RHD
(Australia & South Africa only)

     - Standard or complete Turn-Key solutions
     - Soon available as conversion kit for local assembly

Digital Instrument Cluster

The digital instrument cluster enhances the Tembo 4x4 e-LV operator experience.        


The original Land Cruiser or Hilux engine, gear & transferbox are removed and replaced by the E-motor fitted on a newly designed Tembo 4x4 1:3 reduction gearbox in combination with a genuine Toyota full-time 4x4 transferbox.
This combination eliminates engine oil changes, clutch & gearbox repair and no winding up from the front drive line what will save CV-Joints and drive much smoother when cornering. The E-motor has a huge braking capacity of 22kW taking over 90% of the vehicle braking, saving the standard service brakes. 
All components are treated for high corrosion resistance.
Drive Line presentation


The Battery

The specially designed for this purpose Lithium-Ion Graphite/NMC(G-NMC) battery is a modulair design, controlled by a BMS(Battery Management System) and is watercooled and can be heated for sub zero area's. 

The battery housing is heavy duty and water- and dustproof. For better weight distribution the battery pack is divided in 2 packs, with one fitted in the front motor compartment and one in the back of the chassis, replacing the diesel fuel tank.


Battery capacity

    - Capacity 28kWh or 56kWh
    - Max. Voltage 394V
    ‚Äč- Nominal Voltage 355V
    - Minimum Voltage 259V
    - Peak discharge 30s 300A (3.5C)
    - Specified cycles 8000 @80% DoD (Depth of Discharge)
The battery system is designed with the highest level of safety in mind and meets the electrical safety regulation ECE R100



- As standard a 1phase / 15kW charger is onboard so no need for a new infrastructure.
- Charging time @240V/32A 2,5hr from 20% to 80% 
- The E-Motor recuperates energy upto 22kW back to the battery driving down an incline while braking at the same time.
- Ready for opportunity charging
- a 3-phase/ 25kW onboard charger will be available beginning 2019 offering 1hr charge

Technical Data

  Electric Power (Max./ Cont.):  95kW / 60kW
  Motor Torque (Max./ Cont.):   250Nm / 165Nm

  Max. Torque on wheels:         1866Nm
  Maximum speed On-road:      80 km/h

  Cont. speed Off-road @15%:  35 km/h 
  Max. Gradeability:                  45% 
Range:                              60km(28kWh)/120km(56kWh)

Certified Quality

Our company is ISO9001:2015 certified and the Tembo 4x4 e-LV
meets the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
In cooperation with TÜV Nederland.
Our engineers also follow the
Canadian GMSG & CMIC Recommended Practices for Battery Electric Vehicles in Underground Mining Guideline