About Tembo:

Tembo e-LV is a pioneer electric vehicle company that focuses on designing and building ruggedized electric off road vehicle solutions for customers across the globe with a focus in mining, infrastructure and government services. The company is at the forefront of electric vehicle conversion for Toyota’s principal models, Landcruiser and Hilux, equipped to function in harsh, off-road environments.
Tembo is a subsidiary of VivoPower which means that Tembo is able to offer complete sustainable energy solutions including solar systems, battery technology, microgrids, along with critical power systems.

Working at Tembo

Working at Tembo is an unprecedented experience. You will be part of our continuously growing team of 30 highly skilled and ambitious professionals. To keep up to date with all latest developments you will have the possibilities to do training and courses to improve your skills. At Tembo you’ll work for a fast growing, dynamic, internationally orientated and high tech company with a clear assignment working towards electrification of heavy duty off road vehicles.Tembo has a mission that will have a valuable impact on future generations.


 The Assembly Technician will be involved in: 
    • Building a culture of safety in our workshop and production 
    • Building subassemblies for our e-LV kits 
    • Convert vehicles into mine spec vehicles both diesel and e-LV 
    • Support the engineering team in the development of our e-LV’s by performing retrofits and tests 
    • Optimizing our workshop and production environment 


The Assembly Technician should be someone who: 
    • Has a safety-first mentality 
    • Is mechanically inclined  
    • Is able to follow work instructions and procedures 
    • Is willing to question and improve work instructions and procedures with the rest of the team
    • Has a willingness to learn and experiment with different solutions

Qualifications and Skills:

The Assembly Technician should be someone who has: 
    • A quality mindset; First time right and according to a high standard 
    • Experience with working on vehicles or machinery (cars/trucks/motorcycle/machinery) 
    • Ability to read and understand technical drawings both mechanical and electrical 
    • Excellent communication skills; able to communicate with co-workers and drivers with demonstrated teamwork skills 
    • Ability to manage his or her own work in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision. 

If you are interested in this vacancy please sent us your CV and motivational letter to [email protected] and our HR team will contact you shortly.